The 5th international symposium attracted some 135 international delegates from 20 countries. Copies of the CD Symposium Proceeding can be purchased from our on-line Shop.

Enjoy the photo gallery of the event.

Human Behaviour in Fire Symposium
Cambridge, UK
19-21 September 2012


Human Behaviour in Fire is the study of human response including; people’s awareness, beliefs, attitudes, motivations, decisions, behaviours and coping strategies in exposure to fire and other similar emergencies in buildings, structures and transportation systems. The study of human behaviour in fire is highly multidisciplinary, involving practitioners from the fields of engineering, architecture, computer science, mathematics, law, sociology, psychology, human factors, communications and ergonomics to mention just a few. The primary focus of human behaviour research and its translation into practice is to minimise the risk to people from fire. This is achieved by generating and collecting quantitative and qualitative data and information on human responses which can be used to develop human fire response theory for use in fire safety engineering design, performance based regulatory systems, computational models and fire safety management.

The 5th international symposium haD a thematic umbrella of, “building on a strong foundation” and alongside the 43 technical papers and 20 poster papers there will be Panel Sessions addressing two specific areas:
• Life Safety Options for People with Disabilities - How far have we come? - Implications of Our Aging Society on Design and Management of Buildings, and
• Fundamentals of Egress Calculations for Life Safety Assessments
There will also be a Workshop on the Ethics of Behavioural Studies which the international Programme Committee under the Chairmanship of Prof. Jim Shields believes to be an issue of growing importance.

To purchase a copy of the proceedings, please visit our on-line bookshop

Committee Members:

Jim Shields, University of Ulster, Symposium Chair
Jason Averill, NIST, USA
Karen Boyce University of Ulster, UK
Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University of Technology, Australia
Rita Fahy, NFPA, USA
Carole Franks, Interscience Communications Ltd, UK
Hakan Frantzich
, Lund University, Sweden
Edwin Galea, University of Greenwich, UK
Glenn Hedman,University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Morgan Hurley, SFPE, USA
Erica Kuligowski, NIST, USA
Brian Meachem, Worcester Polytechnic instute, USA
Daniel Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden
Rosario Ono, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Amanda Robbins, BRANZ, New Zealand
Ai Sekizawa, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
Ian Thomas, Victoria University of Technology, Australia
Tomonori Sano, Waseda University, Japan
Steve Gwynne, Hughes Associates, UK
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Punting in Cambridge

Downing College Theatre

Downing College
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Further details from the Conference Organisers:
Interscience Communications Ltd, West Yard House, Guildford Grove, London SE10 8JT, UK
Tel +44 (0) 208 692 5050; +44 (0)208 692 5155, Email:

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