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Interscience Communications Events provide unique opportunities for companies wishing to showcase their commitment to the fire industry as either sponsors or exhibitors.
Please contact us for information about sponsoring or exhibiting at any of our events.



Interflam Conference Series:

Interflam 2019, 1-3 July 2019, Royal Holloway College, UK

Interflam has brought together engineers, scientists, practitioners and regulators from around the globe to hear the latest state of the art papers, meet with new colleagues and importantly, to network with their peers in a friendly atmosphere conducive to exchanging ideas regularly since 1979.

Yes, Interflam will be 40
 this year and has grown  from a single session  2 day event with 12 countries represented in 1979,  to a 3 days packed multiple parallel session, truly worldwide event  in 2019.
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Fire and Materials conference Series:

The 16th Fire and Materials Conference takes place on 1-3 February 2021 in San Francisco, USA. Click here for more info...

Fire and Materials is a major international forum on fire performance of materials and products. The conferences focuse on manufacturers and their customers, designers and regulators, who need up-to-date information on fire issues, including new materials, applications, testing, fire resistance, modelling and urban wildland interface.
The US-based conference started in 1991 and is now held every 2 years in San Francisco.

Human Behaviour in Fires Symposium Series :
Human Behaviour in Fire is the study of human response including; people's awareness, beliefs, attitudes, motivations, decisions, behaviours and coping stratergies in exposure to fire and other similar emergencies in buildings, structures and transporation systems.
The 6th International Human Behaviour in Fire 2015 symposium took place at Downing College, Cambridge, UK, 28th - 30th September 2015.

Individual conferences, seminars and workshops are organised periodically will be listed on the Conference Links panel on the top right of this page.


Interflam 2019
1 - 3 July 2019
Royal Holloway College,
Nr London, UK

Fire and Materials 2021
1-3 February 2021
Hyatt Fisherman's Wharf,
San Francisco, USA
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